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Elegant beach decoration gazebo


[B] walk down the aisle decoration with coco palm leave & Local flower


[E] Groom & Bride Chair


[C] Arc Entrance Palm


[K] Beach for wedding location

You can choose your wedding location from these beaches option  below:

1. Source Dargent

2. Grand Anse 

3. Patatran 

4. Anse Sever 


[D] Table Setup

engagement ring in natural sea shell


[F] wedding gazebo fabric in deferent color of your choice


[G] champagne / Sparkling wine

[I] flowers bouquet

[H] Wedding Cake 

[J] Ring holder

Wedding Location

Source Dargent

Grand Anse

Anse Severe


Entrance fees to L'Union estate;

for wedding  

No Entrance fees 

No Entrance fees 

No Entrance fees 

Oxcart + Decoration

Club Car transport 

Decorate with Local flower take you from your hotel to your wedding location back & forth

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